Learning About Pest Control

Keeping Racoons Away From Your Home: Four Helpful Tips

Raccoons can be annoying invaders of your yard and garbage, and and they can make their nests in your attic, chimney, crawl space, or other accessible area of your home. Unfortunately, these pests can also be more than just irritating; they can also carry diseases that can be spread to humans and pets. If you want to keep these nighttime invaders away from your home, here are some tips to help. Read More 

Two Pesticide-Control Mistakes That Can Result In Tragedy

When people see pests in their homes, they are often overcome with the urge to eliminate them with extreme prejudice. Going about pest control the wrong way, however, can result in someone falling ill, being injured, or even dying. Keep you and your family safe by avoiding these two pest control mistakes. Using Pest Control Products Indiscriminately One common mistake people make with do-it-yourself pest control is not being careful when purchasing or applying them. Read More 

Living Peacefully With Javelina

Pest control is often thought of as a way to eradicate pests from your home and reduce the population of bugs, rodents, and other undesirable guests in the surrounding area. However, it also includes configuring your landscape so that existing creatures simply pass by. Residents of Arizona, New Mexico, and western Texas have to deal with an interesting animal routinely pasing through more rural neighborhoods: the javelina (aka the collared peccary; the plural is also javelina, though some people use javelinas). Read More 

Small Ant Problem In Your Kitchen? Create Your Own Homemade Death Trap

If you have a small army of ants invading your kitchen, you may wonder if there is anything you can do to keep them away from your cupboards and your food. If so, use the guide below to build your own homemade ant death trap. What You Will Need Before you begin building your death trap, gather together the below ingredients and supplies. Some of the items you may already have at home, but you can find the others in supermarkets or department stores. Read More 

How To Spot Signs Of Subterranean Termites In Your Home

You probably know that termites do a lot of damage to homes across the country. What you may not know is that you can have a termite infestation and not be aware of it. That's one reason regular visits from a pest control company are helpful to you as a homeowner. The exterminator will inspect for damage and monitor for signs of termite activity so your home can be treated before major damage is done. Read More