Learning About Pest Control

Pest Control: 3 Signs You Have Rat Infestation In Your Home

No homeowner wants to think about a pest infestation because it's among the things they dread most. However, pest infestations are sometimes inevitable, especially if you don't frequently invest in professional pest control services. And although no pest is welcome in your home, some pests such as rats can be a bit more disastrous. These rodents have some unique features that help them access your home with ease.  Actually, they can easily sneak into your kitchen cabinets, walls, and even basement and make your home their home. Read More 

Do-It-Yourself Pest Control Tips

Some pest control can be handled yourself, but there are times when pest control needs to be handled by a professional. Pest control can sometimes be tricky. You could have more pests in your home than you are aware of. If you have a pest problem, you can try to get rid of them yourself, but if you have more than one pest issue, or you have an infestation in your home, you need to hire a pest control company. Read More 

A Guide to Termite Bait Stations

Barrier treatments have been the industry standard when it comes to preventing or treating a termite infestation, but there is a new method available that may work better for you, baiting. The following guide will help you better understand the termite bait system option. What is Termite Bait? Termite bait consists of cellulose, which is the wood fiber that termites feed upon, combined with a slow acting insecticide. The idea is that termite scouts gather the bait and bring it back to their nests. Read More 

3 Essential Tips To Eliminate An Insect Infestation From Your Home

Have you been having trouble with insects invading your home? Are you wondering where they're coming from because it seems impossible for them to be coming in from outside? Insects love to winter over in houses due to the warmth and the availability of various resources. They may go dormant, and you won't see them at all until spring, or they may pop out suddenly and surprise you at random during the winter months. Read More 

How To Keep Wildlife Away After The Removal Process

After you pay to have wildlife like groundhogs and raccoons removed from your property, you don't want other similar pests moving in and taking their place. You need to make sure that you don't only remove these pests, but that you also keep these pests away once you remove them.   Get Rid of Water Sources  You probably have pests around your home because you are meeting their basic needs, such as food and water. If you have a water source around your home that is attracting animals onto your property, you may want to consider getting rid of that water source or limiting access to it. Read More