How To Get Rid Of Rodents In Your Home

Rodents are disgusting animals that can come into your home looking for food, water, and warmth. These rodents find their way into your home in the smallest of holes, cracks or crevices and make themselves at home in your cozy home. Rodents aren't the best roommates - they relieve themselves anywhere and everywhere around your home, get into all of your food, leaving a mess behind, and can invite their friends and family without your permission. Get rid of these rodents ASAP and prevent them from taking them over your home by following the tips below:

Block Their Entrances

Block their entrance into your home by making repairs to those holes, cracks, and crevices. Look around doors, windows and around your foundation for these entrances. If you have a connecting garage, make repairs to the seal around the garage door. Check the siding of your home for entry points and make necessary repairs. Before you can get rid of the rodents, you already have you need to block their entry to prevent any more from getting inside. Mice can get into the smallest of holes - as long as they can fit their heads through, their bodies will squeeze through.

Stop Feeding Them

Quit giving the rodents free meals. They're finding food around your home be it in your pantry, or the crumbs on your counters and floor. Place all food in air-tight containers to keep them out of it. Wipe counters often with soapy water to remove grease, and other stuck on food. Sweep your floors often to get rid of food particles and crumbs. Wipe up spills on the floor immediately to keep any sticky residue from attracting rodents.

Clean Up Water

Clean water from beneath sinks and make repairs to any leaky faucets to keep rodents looking for water from finding any. If you see that you have a slow drip, make the repair, and if you've spotted droppings below a sink, it may be from a leak in a pipe. Make these repairs immediately.

Set Traps

Once you've made any necessary repairs around your home and stopped giving these rodents a free ride, it's time to set traps to get rid of the rodents still inside. You can find different types of traps at your local hardware or big box stores. Once you have the traps set with bait (poisonous baits, cheese or peanut butter will all work), place them near where you have seen droppings. Check the traps every other day or every day (depending on how many droppings you have), dispose of any dead rodents and reset the traps with fresh bait.

If you have a lot of droppings around your home, you may have a big problem. If this is the case, hire a professional to get rid of these pests for you. Discover more on rodent control here!