Pest Control: 3 Signs You Have Rat Infestation In Your Home

No homeowner wants to think about a pest infestation because it's among the things they dread most. However, pest infestations are sometimes inevitable, especially if you don't frequently invest in professional pest control services. And although no pest is welcome in your home, some pests such as rats can be a bit more disastrous. These rodents have some unique features that help them access your home with ease. 

Actually, they can easily sneak into your kitchen cabinets, walls, and even basement and make your home their home. Although they have smart hiding skills, certain signs can help you know they have invaded your home. Here's what you can see to know rats have infested your home and need to contact a pest control service for help.

1. You Can See Gnaw Marks

Most rats have teeth that don't stop growing—something that explains why these rodents are always gnawing away. They actually gnaw to maintain strong and sharp teeth. Unlike mice, rats have stronger teeth that help them gnaw on anything, including plastics, wood, and other hard surfaces. However, gnaw marks aren't always easy to notice, but you can spot them if you are keen. 

Gnaw marks show you have rats in your home and that you are likely to experience serious rodent damage if you don't seek pest control services in good time. As the rats gnaw at your insulation, furniture, food packets, bedding, plastic containers, wirings, cardboards, and appliances, they will leave some gnaw marks behind, indicating it's time for professional pest control.

2. You Can See Nests

Rats usually collect various materials in your house to make nests. And since they don't build nests using some specific materials, they use any material that won't hurt their paws. So if you come across some paper, insulation, and fabric pieces dragged to a secluded corner, it may be rats building a nest there. Rat nests usually resemble a garbage clump and are often disorganized. The dirt marks and droppings in the nest or around it can be a sure sign of a rat invasion.

3. You Can See Live Rats

Although you can sometimes depend on the signs indicating a rat infestation, live rats will affirm your fears better. Live rats are perhaps the best way to know rats are sharing a roof with you. Rats are usually more active at night. So if you see a rat or two in your house during the daytime, it means the nest is perhaps overpopulated. In this case, hire a pest control service to eliminate them before you find yourself in a bigger mess.

A rat infestation is among the pest infestations you shouldn't take lightly. Rats are not your friends, and you shouldn't entertain them in your house. Besides being clever, rats are also sneaky and detrimental. So any sign indicating you have them in your home means it's time to invest in pest control services.