Removing Bats From Your Home: What You Should Know

Bats are a pest that a lot of people don't want around, but they can do a lot of good for your yard. Having them around can help to eliminate the population of mosquitoes in your yard. They can eat a lot of mosquitoes and help allow you to be outside without those pesky insects ruining your fun. Bats will not do you harm, although people do still have a fear of them and may not want them around. If you have bats around your home, and you want them removed, you should hire a professional wildlife removal service. Read on for a few things you can do if you have a bat living in your home.

Remove Its Entrance

If you have a bat living in your siding, gutters, or somewhere else in your house, you need to remove the entrance and make the necessary repairs to prevent the bats from getting back into your home. They may be causing a buildup of feces around your home's exterior that has bacteria that you just don't want around your home. Removing its entrance will help prevent it from returning, although it may just find another place to go around your home. Before you remove the entrance they are using to get into your home, you need to be sure they are gone so they aren't trapped. This means you need to wait until dusk when the bats leave for the night, as they are nocturnal.

Spray For Mosquitoes

The bats may be attracted to your home or to your yard because of the number of mosquitoes that you have flying about. If you live in a densely wooded area and have a lot of moisture, you probably have a lot of mosquitoes, which also means you are going to have bats. If you spray for the mosquitoes and deplete the population on your own, you may be able to get rid of the bats, as they will go elsewhere to find food to eat.

Use Lights To Deter Them

Lights and sounds may help to deter bats from your home. If you use lights to brighten your yard when they are flying about, it may help get rid of them. Loud noises may also keep them away, as they may not like the loud sounds. 

If you have bats in your yard, or living in some part of the exterior of your home, you should hire a professional wildlife removal service to remove the bats for you.