Effective Measures For Reducing Mosquitos Around Your Home And Garden

No one wants a yard full of mosquitos, but getting rid of them can be challenging. You can do some things that can help with mosquito control, though in some areas, your best option may involve having the yard treated by a pest control service.

Removing Breeding Grounds

One of the most important things you can do to reduce the mosquito population in your yard is to remove the things that attract them. Standing water is necessary for mosquitos to breed and grow, so dumping water off things that can hold it is an excellent first step in your mosquito control plan.

If you have a birdbath in your yard, change the water every couple of days to ensure any larvae in the water do not survive and eliminate places that may be collecting rainwater that is not in use. You may also want to put a fountain into your bird bath that keeps the water moving so mosquitos will not lay eggs there. 

The larva needs to molt before becoming adults, so if you have a pond on the property, you need to ensure the water is moving as well, or you could have larva developing and maturing. Once the mosquitos hatch, the job changes to elimination places for them to live.

Yard Maintenance 

Adult mosquitos live in tall grass and shrubs during most of the summer. Keep the grass short to aid in mosquito control through the entire spring and summer months, and be sure to trim around the yard, house, and under the deck if you have one. Keeping the yard cut and the hedges trimmed can significantly impact the number of mosquitos in your yard. 

The more shade available in your yard, the more likely the mosquitos will hang out there. During the heat of the day, you may not see much activity, but as the temperature cools, the mosquitos become active and will make it hard to sit outside and enjoy the cool air.

Pest Control Services

If you have done all the prevention work and still have mosquitos coming out at night and being a problem, you will need to call a mosquito pest control service and have them spray the property for you. Most mosquito control products kill the insect immediately but check with the technician spraying the property to determine how often the application needs to be repeated. 

Some products last longer than others, and if you cut the grass after applying the product, it could change how effective it is. The mosquito control service can spray several times a month if required and will work with you to set up a pest control plan that keeps the insects away so you can use and enjoy your yard in the summer. 

For more information, contact a local company, like Pest Pros.