Clearing Up Common Myths About Pest Control

One of your foremost responsibilities as a homeowner is ensuring that you protect your residence from threats that could not only compromise its structural integrity but could prove hazardous to your loved ones too. Therefore, it is not uncommon to prioritize measures such as the installation of security systems and the purchase of home insurance.

But while numerous people are aware of the harmful impact that pests can have on their homes and the health of their loved ones, pest control services are still highly underrated. And this can be credited to the misinformation that homeowners have regarding the importance of these services. Before you put off hiring an exterminator, check out the following to clear up a couple of common myths you may have heard about pest control.

You do not need pest control services if your home is clean

One myth about pest control services is that they are unnecessary as long as residential properties are clean. Certainly, pests are bound to forage in messy environments that contain rotting food, scattered waste, and so on. Nonetheless, this does not mean that maintaining a tidy home makes you exempt from an infestation. The reality is that pests are in constant search of shelter, food, and water. Thus, the primary motivation of these critters is not gravitating towards an unkempt environment. Rather, they will attempt to gain access to any property that can provide for their basic needs.

Any cracks and gaps that can allow rodents and insects to breach your residence will translate into a possible pest infestation. A major benefit of hiring pest control services is these professionals know how to identify potential entry points. Therefore, in addition to exterminating an infestation, they will seal your residence, decreasing the threat of a future infestation.

You can eliminate bedbugs by laundering linens

While you may know that one of the easiest ways of spotting a bedbug infestation is suspicious bite marks on your skin and that of your loved ones, you are likely misinformed when it comes to getting rid of this infestation. One misconception that homeowners have regarding bedbugs is that all they need to do is wash their sheets to get rid of the infestation, but this is untrue.

Bedbugs are extremely resilient, so they tend to survive a spin cycle in the washing machine. Furthermore, bedbugs spread quickly. Identifying an infestation in the bedroom typically means that your sofas, drapery, and textiles are already harboring these insects. The best way to exterminate these critters in your home for good is by hiring pest control services. A qualified exterminator will employ multiple strategies, for example, mattress encasements and crevice treatments, to eliminate these pests from your home.

If you need help dealing with pests in your home, contact a pest control company today.