How To Keep Wildlife Away After The Removal Process

After you pay to have wildlife like groundhogs and raccoons removed from your property, you don't want other similar pests moving in and taking their place. You need to make sure that you don't only remove these pests, but that you also keep these pests away once you remove them.  

Get Rid of Water Sources 

You probably have pests around your home because you are meeting their basic needs, such as food and water. If you have a water source around your home that is attracting animals onto your property, you may want to consider getting rid of that water source or limiting access to it. For example, if you leave out a water bowl for your dog, consider moving it into your garage instead of your back porch. Or if you have a pond, consider fencing around the area to keep pests away.  

Don't Provide Food 

Next, make sure that you are not providing food for the pests around your home. Feed your pets inside of your home or inside of your garage. Keep your pet's food inside of a sealed container so that animals can't easily access it. 

Make sure that your garbage is secure. Keep a lid on your trash can at all times, and if that is not enough to keep the pests out, use a bungee cord to secure the lid.  

Have your yard treated for grubs. Pests such as skunks really enjoy eating grubs and getting rid of grubs in your yard can help you get rid of pests like skunks.  

Make It Harder to Access the Underside of Your Home 

You need to make it harder to access the underside of your home. Groundhogs and skunks both love to get under your porch, so make sure that the area around your porch is entirely sealed. Dig down and put up some wire fencing. Put up a lattice or cover the exposed area of your porch with 2x4s. Put dirt and rocks around your porch. Make it difficult to get into the underside of your home.  

Fill in All Holes 

Once the pests are removed from your home, fill in the holes. You can push some wire barriers into the holes to make it harder for the animals to dig them again, and then fill them up with dirt. Don't leave the holes behind, as other animals may then move into the already-made homes. 

If you have pest control services catch and remove large pests, such as groundhogs, raccoons, and skunks from your property, make sure you are taking steps to make your property less inviting to these types of pests in the future.