Mosquitoes: Keep Your Family Safe After A Bad Flood

One of the most important things to do after a bad storm is stay safe. But even if you manage to clean up the water and contaminants inside and outside your home, you may still face dangerous pests, including mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can come out in full force after a storm. The pests can use the standing water and damp conditions to complete their life cycles within a short time period. You can keep your family safe from mosquitoes with these tips below.

Remove All Traces of Water and Moist Conditions

Mosquitoes don't need a large amount of water to procreate or complete their life cycles. Some types of mosquitoes can lay eggs in small containers, such as coffee tins and soda bottle caps. Other pests rely on moist soil and wet, decaying matter to procreate. These conditions allow mosquitoes to hide and survive until they complete their life cycles. 

It's essential that you go around your home and remove all signs of standing water, especially containers already showing signs of mosquito infestations. Don't empty the contents of your contents onto the soil. Remember, so mosquitoes can use damp soil to develop. 

If your soil is too saturated or moist, contact a landscaper for advice. You don't want to destroy your flowers, trees, and other plants by tilling the soil the wrong way. A landscaper can help you dry out the soil without harming your plants.

After you complete the steps above, take steps to eliminate any mosquitoes that might have entered the inside of your home. The pests can spread dangerous pathogens like the Zika virus, so eradicating them now is critical. 

Treat the Inside of Your Home

First, check the soil of your indoor plants to see if it contains too much water. If so, replace the soil with something drier or grittier. You can also place your plants in containers made with terra cotta. These types of containers allow excess water to evaporate. 

Next, contact a pest control specialist for a detailed inspection of your home. Mosquitoes can hide inside AC closets, beneath cabinetry, and in other places with poor lighting. A contractor may use a combination of treatments to eliminate the pests, including fogs and chemical sprays. If you have a large infestation of mosquitoes in the house, pest control may treat your home several times more.

Don't allow mosquitoes to invade your property and home. You can contact a pest control company for more details today.