7 Signs Of Interior And Exterior Pest Infestation In The Home

Pests inside or outside the home may include insects and rodents. If you believe your home may have a pest infestation issue, you should contact a pest control specialist. In the meanwhile, you might want to examine your property inside and out, looking for indications of a potential problem. The following are 7 signs that warrant your attention:

1. Your floorboards, baseboards, or walls have become affected by gnawing-type marks or small holes: This is an indicator of a termite infestation, or possibly mice or rats in the home. When the wood has been gnawed, it usually has been done by rodents, primarily rats. It's a frightening thought to imagine your home is invaded by rats, as they have been known to transmit disease, and they may damage or destroy electrical components and wires, creating a potential fire hazard.

2. There is a track of grease or dirt along the side of the walls: Because rodents such as mice and rats often scurry along the side of the walls, they may leave smudges or greasy dirt tracks that can become noticeable over a period of time. If you also notice a somewhat small rod-shaped matter (usually dark in color), this may be rodent feces.

3. Your kitchen, basement, attic, or garage has developed some peculiar odors: Many pests leave behind a nasty smell as they move about their hiding places. If you detect a musky or ammonia-type odor, there may be rodents present in the home.

4. Your wooden furniture or cabinets are chipped away, leaving shredded pieces of wood alongside it: This is an indication of a termite infestation. If you believe your home is invaded by termites, call an exterminator at once. Termites may cause significant damage to the structure of your home if not eradicated quickly.

5. Packaged pantry food items have become torn, shredded or gnawed at: This is one of the most obvious signs that you have gnawing-type pests inside your home. Rodents are scavengers and will look for food they can get into, even if it means ripping open plastic packaging or cardboard to get at the food. 

6. You hear strange noises at night coming from inside the walls: Sometimes squirrels, rats, mice, and birds make their way inside the structure of your home. If you hear some odd sounds which seem to be coming from inside your walls, this warrants an investigation from a pest control company. Also, if you hear noises from above or in the attic, there may be rodents or even bats hiding up there.

7. Your lawn and shubbery have developed patches and damaged spots: Insects and other pests may be destroying your lawn and garden greenery. If your lawn looks torn up and there are digging holes present, you may have moles in the yard. Moles tend to burrow in the dirt, making holes they can climb into, searching for sources of food, such as insects and grubs. 

Also, check your shrubs, bushes, plants, and trees. Are leaves dropping off consistently? Do you notice brown and wilting leaves on the trees and shrubs? Do some of their stems or leaves look half-bitten off or chewed through? These are signs of a pest infestation affecting your lawn or garden. 

If any of these signs seem familiar, it's time to contact a professional pest control company. If you are concerned, ask about organic compounds and environmentally friendly pest control methods. Many professionals now use natural alternatives to harsh chemical pesticides. These methods are considered safe around children and pets or for those who have respiratory issues or allergy sensitivities. To learn more, check out websites like http://sentinelpest.com.