How To Spot Signs Of Subterranean Termites In Your Home

You probably know that termites do a lot of damage to homes across the country. What you may not know is that you can have a termite infestation and not be aware of it. That's one reason regular visits from a pest control company are helpful to you as a homeowner. The exterminator will inspect for damage and monitor for signs of termite activity so your home can be treated before major damage is done. A common type of termite that invades homes is the subterranean termite. Here are some signs they could be in your home.

They Build Tunnels On Your Foundation

The subterranean termites live in colonies underneath the ground because they need moisture and humidity. When they explore areas away from the nest, the termites build tunnels out of mud so they can be surrounded by soil as they move. Once they get inside your house, they move through wood, so you're not likely to see these pests except when they're swarming. However, you'll easily see the mud tunnels they make. If you see a small tunnel going from the ground and across your concrete foundation outdoors, there's a good chance it was made by termites. This tunnel allows the bugs to crawl from the nest to the entry point in your home while being concealed and safe. If you see one of these tunnels, you should call a pest control professional to come out and inspect for a termite infestation.

They Drop Wings In Your House

At certain times of the year, the termite colony sends out swarmers. The colony has to be well established first and the weather conditions need to be warm and damp. Swarmers may be triggered from several nests at once, so you may hear your neighbors and others in your community talking about termite infestations. The swarmer termites have wings and you may mistake them for flying ants or carpenter ants. When they're inside your home, you may notice several of these swarmers crawling on your television or computer screen at night when it's dark since they are attracted to light. They shed their wings too, so another sign of a termite infestation is discarded wings on window sills or areas where the termites have been working in your home.

They Make Distinctive Marks In The Wood

A pest control professional can look at termite damaged wood and tell what kind of termite did the damage. Subterranean termites often leave soil and mud in the wood since they move underground and through their mud tunnels. They also like to chew on the softer wood so they chew with the grain to avoid the hard wood. You don't have to know the exact type of damage they do, you only have to recognize signs of chewing and burrowing in the wood of your home. This isn't always easy if they work in hidden areas. If they happen to attack an area you can easily see, you may notice droppings where they are active, but you probably won't see the pests themselves. However, you may notice the wood is softer than it should be and that it looks damaged.

Call a pest control expert, like Yuma Pest Termite Systems, if you suspect you have termites. The pests may have done damage already that you don't know about. An exterminator will search your home for the pests and set up bait stations outdoors to see if they're active on your property. Your home can be treated in various ways from perimeter treatments to tenting. Once the termites are gone, you'll still want to monitor your home for their return. Since they live in large colonies underground, you never know when termites are nearby.