Found A Wolf Spider In Your Home? It May Be Smuggling Spiderlings And Wasps

Due to their incredible speed, wolf spiders are hard to catch. Therefore, if you recently found a wolf spider in your home, there's a good chance it got away and is hiding (or roaming) in a dark area. But even if you did catch the furry arachnid, it may have already smuggled dozens of spiders and wasps into your home.

Wolf Spiders Transport Egg Sacs And Spiderlings On Their Abdomens

Unlike many arachnids, wolf spiders do not build webs. Instead, they crawl and swim to hunt their prey—and they carry their egg sacs on their abdomens.

Once the egg sacs hatch, the spiderlings cling to their mother's abdomen and go everywhere she goes. This means that the wolf spider you found could have been carrying dozens of egg sacs or spiderlings on its abdomen, spreading them throughout your home.

Even Worse—Wolf Spiders Occasionally Carry Wasps On Their Abdomens

As if the possibility of having your home infested with dozens of spiderlings isn't bad enough, the wolf spider you found may also have been transporting wasp eggs.

Parasitic wasps have been known to insert their eggs into wolf spider egg sacs. So what does this mean for you? There could be wasps and spiderlings maturing in your home as you read this. That's a two-for-one deal you don't want!

Male Wolf Spiders Love To Call Females

If you think you're safe so long as the spider you found is male, think again. Even though male wolf spiders don't carry spiderlings (or wasps) on their abdomens, they do attract female spiders through sound.

But don't expect to hear a howl anytime soon. Unlike their name suggests, wolf spiders don't sound like wolves. Instead, they purr—loudly! This vibrating pulse can be heard 20 feet away.

Though the sound of a male wolf spider's purr may send a shiver down the average person's spine, the vibrations are downright irresistible to female wolf spiders.

Upon hearing the vibrating pulse, the females will scurry to join the fun. Once at the arachnid party, they'll do their best to create spiderlings with their prince charming. And, of course, the female spiders will transport their spiderlings everywhere they go.

Whether transporting spiderlings, smuggling wasps, or calling every female wolf spider within 20 feet, a lone wolf spider can be a real nightmare. So don't wait for your home to look like a scene from Arachnophobia. Call a pest control rep like those at Edmonton Exterminators Ltd for more information.