Keep Bed Bugs At The Top Of Your Inspection List

There are a lot of things to keep an eye out for before moving in or out of a new building, or even if you're planning on having guests. They can be difficult to control once introduced, but are far too easy to get in the first place. Whether you're planning a trip or dealing with changes in your building, consider a few bed bug management, prevention and inspection concerns.

How Do Bed Bugs Spread?

If you've never had bed bugs or have only heard of them for others, it's because bed bug management has become increasingly strict in North America. Pest control and general sanitation makes it difficult for these critters with specific habitats to thrive.

With increased colonization and more convenient travel, it became easier for bed bugs to move to different areas. Once a group of bed bugs are able to establish themselves due to lack of pest control, they can find hiding places inside clothes, containers and especially luggage.

The issue of luggage is a tricky concern that leads to an easier spread of bed bugs. Many luggage types have a beaded border and dips in the design that can become a good hiding place for bed bugs, especially if the owner doesn't know what to look for or isn't thinking about possible infestation. Throwing clothes quickly into luggage without looking can lead to spreading problems as well.

This is an issue for households with bed bugs who move to other areas, but hotel visitors are in danger as well. Bed bugs can be at such a level that you may not detect them--not from plain sight or even being bitten during their feeding phases--but your luggage could become a new home due to looking like a good hiding place.

Once you're home (or at someone else's home) with your luggage, the place that you put your luggage can become a bomb of infestation that allows the bed bugs to create new hiding areas to feed on victims. 

Getting Rid Of And Controlling Bed Bugs

A pest control professional's assessment is the best way to detect bed bugs, but there are a few specific symptoms to look for to figure out if you have a bedbug problem.

If people or animals in your household are suffering from itching or red marks, start looking around the resting areas. Bed bugs get their name not because the bed is their only habitat, but because their modern prey--humans--spend a lot of time on the bed during sleep.

Since a person is mostly stationary during sleep, a feast can be safely extracted as bed bugs sting and siphon blood. The problem can happen on couches, rugs and anywhere that a person is likely to be stationary for a long time.

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