3 Ways To Get Rid Of Mice In Your Home

A mouse infestation in your home is annoying since these pests chew on almost everything of value — from clothes to electrical wires. Mice can also contaminate your stored grains and cause food wastage. These pests also carry various diseases, like leptospirosis and the plague, which threaten your health.

Therefore, you need to get rid of these pests before they multiply and become difficult to eliminate. This article highlights three methods to help control a mild mouse infestation in your home.

1. Seal Entry Points

When the temperature drops, mice will try to find their way into warmer places in your house. Examples of common mice entry points include furnace and water heater pipes around the fireplace and door gaps. Therefore, you need to seal these spaces before mice can get through. 

However, sealing these entries can be tricky since mice can squeeze through the tiniest spaces because of their size. When sealing these holes, use a steel wool pack which mice find difficult to chew. You can also seal the pipes under your sink or the cracks behind your cupboard using duct tape. Don't use plastic or rubber to seal these spaces since mice can easily chew on these materials.

2. Use Traps

Traps are effective if the infestation isn't too severe. However, you need to place these traps where mice are likely to pass, including dark corners, behind furniture, and the floor near your walls. 

Mousetraps come in various types, including electric, snap, sticky, and live traps. Snap traps catch mice using their quick trigger system. Electric traps lure mice into the trap and kill the pests by electrocution. On the other hand, sticky traps have adhesive glue on the surface used to catch mice. Lastly, live traps have a cage and a trigger-activated door but don't kill mice.

All mouse traps except the sticky trap need bait like buttered popcorns and cheese to lure mice into the trap.

3. Get A Cat

Many cats love hunting mice. Therefore, your cat can help you keep mice out of your house. 

However, if one of your family members is allergic to cats or live in a place that doesn't allow you to keep a cat, you can buy cat litter instead. Spread litter in the areas you suspect have high mouse activity. You can also put cat litter near suspected entry points to deter the pests.

To get rid of mice from your home, try the methods discussed above. If you can't eliminate mice using these methods, seek professional pest control services.